About Stephanie Joiner

I am in the process of migrating this page to pilatesnyc.com, so please visit there for more information. 

Stephanie Joiner is a performer and Pilates teacher in the NYC area. She is currently certified through Pilates Academy International in Mat and Apparatus and has her CPR certification. Her background includes dancing, aerobics, cycling, water sports, music and theatre.

Stephanie teaches classes and privates at Pilates on Fifth and The Yoga Room. She is available for private Pilates sessions and teaches Pilates for Performers (by donation) once a month. She is a professional songstress/storyteller, and works as a Marketing Director for RM Strategic Marketing.

Stephanie challenges her students to see new possibilities in how they can move, teaching them to move with freedom, efficiency and consciousness. She helps her clients discover  support, safety and joy in their bodies, working on posture, flexibility, breathing, form, stability and control.

See www.stephaniejoiner.com for more information on me or e-mail stephanie@pilatesnyc.com.


About heels together, toes apart, my blog:

I’m an artist searching for a physical homeostasis that I can maintain and teach others. This blog will feature my journey as I become a Pilates instructor and my attempt to understand what it means to move efficiently and freely through life. Embarking on this journey already has been eye-opening and changed how I move. I hope those seeking a physical balance for themselves are challenged by my ideas, and that those seeking to join the field, find comfort in my journey.